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About me !
Hi, I'm Anish. (Though on other platforms, you may know me as Approxamatrix.)
I'm a beginner developer and 3d artist. So far, I've made programs / games with C#, C and GDScript.

Armageddon Escape is the magnum opus of my gamedev career (not really but it would be really funny if it was. Though I am considering remaking it and adding in a major scrapped mechanic. So THAT might be one of my best games if and when it comes out :D ).

Currently, I'm working on a small stealth game.

In terms of stuff I like... I guess I'd say in terms of shows, they'd be stuff like The Owl House, Bakugan Battle Brawlers , Ben 10 (wow, what a shocker), Generator Rex (bet you're not really surprised lolol), Regular Show, Adventure Time, The Batman (the 2004 one), etc, etc.

In terms of games, it'd be stuff like Pokemon (though I haven't played the mainline games after USUM), Minecraft, Fable 3 (it came with my older brother's Xbox 360 :D ) , Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory, Rhythm Heaven, Peggle and also LEGO Batman 1 for the DS.

My Socials and other stuff !
You can contact me at the following places:
I'm on Discord @pokefan919
Pretendo ID : 5265 - 7606 - 1980
I also have a Youtube Channel
Sooo yeah, that's it !
As of May 27,2024 , the site's revamp is complete !
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